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The following project results contain main outputs from SHARE 4.0 including:


  • WP2 Communication

Through public events, publications and promotional material representatives of the target groups and stakeholders were actively involved in the project in order to get to know the project and to explore and initiate cooperation opportunities.


  • WP3 Work base and pilot projects for the Smart Industry Network SK-AT

The aim of the work package was to establish a permanently usable working basis for efficient and effective            cooperation between the key actors for research and innovation in SK-AT, with a focus on joint working structures, processes for stakeholder involvement, measures for knowledge and technology transfer, etc.

Specifically work package 3, a common working basis will be established and pilot projects have been realized.

  • WP4 Project anchoring and sustainability of theSmart Industry Network SK-AT

The aim of the work package was to sustainably anchor the outputs and project results of the Smart Industry Network SK-AT. A strategy and action plan 2021-2027 for research and innovation in the SK-AT cooperation area has been developed for action-oriented future planning, combining high quality standards with practicability.



General main outputs

WP2 Communication


WP4 Anchoring project results and sutainability


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